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To view the location of my CW HF KW VW mobile.

Volkswagen Mobile

To view mobile activity of my CW HF KW VW mobile.

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 VE2WU News

The Big Erection Sept 1, 2010


House Renovations August 2011


20 Meter CW Only

When on CW you can view my HD CW Cams by going to 



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WiFi Internet

The Covey Hill station is capable of remote control using the high speed wireless internet connection.


The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy  

Take a pleasant journey through our area


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VE2WU  -  Covey Hill, Quebec  CANADA

Marten § Amateur Radio Station § VE2WU

I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1956.  My interests have involved all aspects of Amateur Radio over the years.  Since retirement I have been active on CW on 20 meters.

Generally I can be found around 14020 M/hz.  I enjoy CW rag chewing, so please give me a call and tell me about your activities on Ham Radio.

Covey Hill Station

 I am using a Flex Radio SDR-5000A with dual receivers using diversity and noise cancellation, also a nee Flex Radio SDR-6700, a Dishtronix solid state PA at 1.5 Kilowatts to a 6 over 6 over 6 stacked array on a 230 ft (70 m) rotating tower and the second receiver is using a KLM XA-36 Triband Yagi at 60 Ft. in diversity and a modified 80 meter rotating dipole at 220 ft.


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